Let’s Spend A Weekend Away…

It may only just be the end of January but I am already day dreaming of holiday time and where I want to spend it! I love to travel and sometimes what with work and education I can only escape for the weekend so I thought I would put together my top 5 weekend away holiday destinations!
I go to Blakeney every summer for a week but I have also popped up for a few days here and there. It’s around a 3-4 hour car journey so not too bad at all and it means when I need an escape from the big city I can tootle off to a cute little village and just chill out! There is so much to do in Blakeney and it’s surrounding areas that it’s not only a good couples retreat but also great for families. If you are looking for long walks, good food and gorgeous countryside this is the place for you.
Where to eat: The Wiveton Bell|The Moorings|The Dunn Cow.
Where to visit: Africa Alive|Banham Zoo|Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary|Holkham Beach|Blickling Hall|Felbrigg Hall.
Other things to do: Seal Watching Trips|Long Walks|Cozy Nights In.
Brussels is somewhere to go if you want a city that is a little quirky! I spent a day here with my sister but would have happily spent a weekend. It’s full of fun things to do for all the family and is easy to get around either by foot or metro. I love the fact I can just hop on a eurostar and be in a totally different city which has some of the best chocolate in the world and some good coffee as well. Perfect for anyone who wants to soak in the culture or for someone wanting to do some shopping.
Where to eat: Anywhere in le grand place.
Where to visit: The Chocolate Museum|The Cathedral|The Toy Museum.
Other things to do: Shopping|Generally soak up the atmosphere.
I have only been to Venice twice but they were two of the greatest weekends of my life. I have been with my family and enjoyed the cultural beauty of the city and then with a friend and seen more of the night life. Venice is the perfect city and everyone should go once in their life. Everyone says it’s over priced but I have done it on a very low budget and it’s just as beautiful. I can’t really describe in words how beautiful and magical it is as a city and there is so much to do and see that a weekend might not be enough!
Where to eat: Santo Stefano|Pizza vendor on the street|Most ice cream places.
Where to visit: The Islands-Burano, Murano, Torchello,The Isle of the Dead|Take a gondola ride|St Marks.
Other things to do: Get a coffee and sit in St Marks Square|Square hop and walk the entire city|Shopping.
Documents2Disneyland ParisFrance
Disneyland is known as my second home and I have been quite a few times with each experience just being better each time. This is perfect for families looking to get away for a few days but trust me this is not a relaxing holiday but full of fun and you will leave with some great memories. Need I really say more about Disneyland. It’s only a train journey or plane ride away and is so magical and fun for all ages- trust me even the adults enjoy it. I have never done more than a weekend at Disney because I find it’s the perfect length of time!
Where to eat: The Golden Nugget|Hotel Cheyenne Restaurant|Planet Hollywood.
Where to visit: Everywhere but my favourite places are Fantasy Land, Frontier Land and Disney Studios.
Other things to do: Watch the parades|Meet characters|Soak up the atmosphere.
Paris the city of love. I have never been there with a boyfriend but I have been with people I love and it’s just such an awesome city. It’s a really cultural place with lots to see and do! The food is fantastic and I would highly recommend grabbing something from a street vendor as the food is just as good as that in a restaurant. Again Paris is only a train ride away and I feel I should pop over there more often! If you are not into the cultural side of it then there is also amazing shopping to be done.
Where to eat: I’ve never had a bad meal in Paris.
Where to visit: The Eiffel Tower|Notre Dame|Montmartre|The Louvre.
Other things to do: Grab lunch from a street vendor and eat it looking at the Louvre Pyramid.
Have you been to any of the places I mentioned?
Any suggestions for where I should go next?
Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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