Foundation 101 I Buying Foundation

Buying foundation can be almost as bad as buying jeans and we all know how bad that can be. So I came up with a few little tips and tricks that I like to use when buying foundation especially if it’s your first time!
First off why do we wear foundation?
Foundation is pretty much there to even out your skin tone and texture; to make your skin look natural but better, so no orange faces!
Where can I buy foundation?
There are two types of foundation high end which is normally bought off a counter or high street (drug store) which you buy off a shelf. The plus to buying a high end foundation is that there is an expert on hand to match you to your colour and generally help you out however high street foundation is cheaper and there are also some really great ones out there. So pick where you want to buy it and head over there.
What do I look for when buying foundation?
If you are going for a high street option then there a few things you need to think about – if you go to a counter someone else will think of about them for you. First up is what type of skin do you have because some foundations do not agree with certain skin types. I’ve done a rough guideline but it’s all personal so I wouldn’t take my word as law.


For example my skin is normal to dry so I can wear a large amount of the foundations on the market but I tend to stick to tinted moisturisers and liquid foundation but I don’t really go near powder foundations as they can stick to the dry patches.
Then you need to think about what undertone you have which can be a little baffling to begin with but the simple way to work it out is to look at your veins. If your veins are green then you have a warm undertone (yellow) and if your veins are blue you have a cool undertone (pink) Sometime they can be a bit of both which means you are neutral (each foundation you buy will be different) Anyone who is warm toned will have an easy time buying high street brands as they cater more for yellow undertones.
Once you know your undertone and skin type it’s time to jump onto the internet and do some research. I have only ever bought one foundation without researching it and it was a disaster so I would definitely recommend looking on blogs etc for a few hints.ย Then pop off to the shops and get swatching. There is quite a big dispute about where to swatch foundation; your hand, your face, your neck etc. I normally go with no foundation on and do a little swatch on my face as that’s where foundation is going to go but again it’s all down to personal preference.


I hope this was helpful to anyone who is new to buying foundation and good luck if you have any questions make sure to pop them in the comments box below or hit me up on Twitter @kittykatelc
Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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