Powder Trip




Powder Trip by Soap&Glory – RRP £20.00. I purchased in Boots 1/2 price sale for £10.00

I’m not sure if this is a seasonal product or not. I managed to snap one up in the boots sale but it is still on the S&G Website for full price. However I would still recommend you purchase all these products anyway- as you can buy them in singular pots. As always with Soap&Glory the packaging is gorgeous and I just love the embossing on the actual make up- although sadly that fades when you start to use it!


Glow All Out Face Powder, Love at First Blush, Solar Powder.

The Glow All Out Face Powder is a very subtle highlight which just adds a lovely lift to your whole face, it’s not overly pigmented which I prefer but if you like something a little more in your face then this isn’t for you! Love at First Blush is just beautiful I also love the peach version- Peach Party, the different colours in the blush just add a whole other dimension to your cheeks however it is super shimmery so again it depends what you prefer. Solar Powder; I am a bronzer whore I love to contour and warm up my face and this little bronzing duo is fabulous. I use both colours on my cheeks but you could just pick one half depending on your skin tone. The lighter side also acts as a highlighter!

The pigmentation, wear-ability and blend-ability is just fabulous the colours suit all skin tones and just look so gorgeous on your skin. If you can get your hands on the trio you will save quite a bit of money however I would definitely spend out the £11.00 for each individual one!

Have you tried any of these products?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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